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The Magic of  MATT MCGEE

If you're looking for a birthday party magician, Matt is not your guy. But if you're looking for an actor, artist, designer, puppeteer, consultant, and teacher that can bring a world of hand-made magic to your productions, projects, or stories, then look no further! With Matt McGee on your side, every story you wish to tell will be absolutely magical....Matt-a-Magical.

Thank you for stopping by! Take a look around and find out for yourself what kind of magic can be made!

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Support Me

While I love lending my talents to help others tell their stories, I am also endeavoring to tell some stories of my own. These stories put to use all the skills that I have developed AND utilize the talents of many others. If you would like to see some of the projects I am working on currently and have an opportunity to support me in my ventures, please visit my PATREON page.   >>>----------->


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