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Jack of All Trades: a phrase used to describe Matthew on several occasions by various individuals over the years. But one thing that has always bothered him about the expression is the sometimes forgotten second half of the saying. The full reference usually goes, "Jack of all trades, master of none." which implies that while you can be good at many things, you can't be great at all of them, or any of them, at the same time. Over the years Matt has endeavored to break this cliche by developing his array of artistic talents in such a way as to excel in many skill-sets and has thankfully found his efforts to be rewarding and confirming. 


Thank you for stopping by! Take a look around and find out for yourself how entertaining this McGee can be!

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While I love lending my talents to help others tell their stories, I am also endeavoring to tell some stories of my own. These stories put to use all the skills that I have developed AND utilize the talents of many others. If you would like to see some of the projects I am working on currently and have an opportunity to support me in my ventures, please visit my PATREON page.   >>>----------->