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A world-premiere production coming to the Great Arizona Puppet Theater this fall!

"Tales from the Bayou" combines and embraces the hypnotic wonder of oral storytelling with the visual magic of puppetry. Taking inspiration from "Jim Henson’s The Storyteller" (one of my all-time-favorite shows), "Tales from the Bayou" is a series of short, original, musical folktales that all take place in the mystical regions of the swamp. Stories of magic and fantasy, involving unique original creatures: gumbo goblins; a potato child; tall, silent, mossy nomads called bog walkers; a jug-band of ghosts; a muck monster at the bottom of a lake; a girl made from sawdust...just to name a few. Each story will be told by a central storyteller, as he sits on a sparse stage, in the dark. As the stories unfold, the space comes to life with actors and puppets, emerging from the shadows. The settings and environments will be created with imaginative uses of props, lights, shadows, and projections. The goal is to seamlessly weave the art of puppetry and storytelling together in a way that feels classically nostalgic and familiar, while still being new and inspiring. The stories themselves deal with topics of facing one’s fears, finding your own voice, learning to let go, learning to trust, learning to express your love for others, and more. Learn more below about how you can be involved!

This show is sponsored in part by a Family Grant from the Jim Henson Foundation: the only grant-making institution with a mission to promote the creation and development of innovative live puppet theater in the United States.


Demo Reel of puppet elements from a workshop last fall.

Ways to Support

This production cannot happen without the support of "viewers like you." If you would like to see this show come to life, there are several ways you can contribute!

Subscribe to Matt-a-Magical on Patreon to get behind-the-scenes content, access to videos from past productions, and updates on my work. (Can be monthly or annual subscription.)

Don't want to deal with subscription fees and monthly transactions? Send a one-time donation directly to Matt-a-Magical through Venmo with "Bayou" in the memo and those funds will be used only for the production. 

Want to make a larger, tax deductible donation? Sponsor an artist, even? Then send a check or call and make a payment directly to the Great Arizona Puppet Theater. Specify that it's for "Tales from the Bayou" and those funds will go directly to the production.

-A donation of $1,000.00 or more could fully sponsor an artist to work with us!

Not a fan of handing out money? No worries! You can purchase and donate specific items that are needed to bring this world to life. From puppet building materials, to props, costume pieces, and other gadgets to make this show really sparkle, there's lots of little ways you can make a BIG difference.

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