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Not only has Matthew had a long history of experience with the arts, he has also been the recipient of many scholarships, honors, and awards through his craft.

2008 & 2009

Nick and Tessa Cavelletto Scholarship Recipient (basically a full-ride scholarship my last two years of college)


American College Theatre Festival Best Classical Actor Award & National Finalist Alternate


Puppeteers of America Emma Louise Warfield National Festival Scholarship Recipient

American College Theatre Festival National Finalist

Fresno State University Dean's Medalist Nominee

Shakespeare Theatre Company Acting Fellowship Recipient


James MacArthur Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play (Winner)

Matt McGee winning the James MacArthur Award


In September of 2014 Matt took the biggest leap of his life and got married. Well, in fact, it wasn't so much a leap as a thoughtful step towards a greater way of life with a partner in crime who has been nothing but supportive and encouraging of the myriad pursuits Matt has endeavored to achieve (much as it might overwhelm her at times). Together, they have been rewarded with and now enjoy the presence of one of the happiest babies that has ever graced this globe.

Wedding Day of Matt McGee


James MacArthur Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play (Nominee)

Puppeteers of America National Festival Scholarship Recipient


Became a dad!

Matt McGee's son


Chancie Award for Puppet Design (Big Fish)

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