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Under the Sea with Dredgie McGee

Under the Sea with Dredgie McGee

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"Imagine Pee Wee’s Playhouse through the lens of Pirates of the Caribbean doing The Muppet Show. 1st Stage’s family-friendly Under the Sea with Dredgie McGee is one part variety show, one part meditation on overcoming loss, and an entire treasure chest of stunning visual spectacle!"

-DC Theatre Arts


Watch a spotlight on the show from District Theatre HERE

"Brilliantly written and directed by Matthew Aldwin McGee, Dredgie is the story of a pirate (or, more accurately, the upper half of one) tethered to a deep sea diver, until he can find his missing legs. Trapped on a shipwreck on the sea floor, Dredgie runs a cabaret show that stars his fellow denizens of the deep - a lively band of creative and entertaining creatures in the great tradition of Jim Henson's The Muppet Show - biding his time until he can find his legs and return to the world on the surface."

-Broadway World

For a limited time, you can rent a filmed copy of a world premiere, 2-time Jim Henson Foundation grant-awarded theatre production unlike anything you've seen! Created by Matt-a-Magical and co-produced by 1st Stage Theatre! Hurry before it sinks below the surface!

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